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Ing. Jaroslav Cejnar

Rada Building Ltd.

Responsible engineer for crisis management, designer, co-author of the design solution for securing the post-tensioned roof trusses. The main focus of his work is in the development of working and design procedures, i.e. in project management. He is the creator of the methodology of complex solution of the problem of post-tensioned roof trusses.

Lecure: “From Start to Finish: A Comprehensive Structural Solutions”

In my lecture, I will focus on the description of a complex solution to the observed problem. The audience will be introduced to the basic identification and description of the problem, then I will present the preparatory phase and the implementation phase. At the end of the lecture, I will focus on the operation of the facility in an operational mode and the evaluation of the financial requirements (effective investment).

Ing. Petr Pospíšil

Rada Building Ltd.

Authorized engineer in the field of statics and dynamics of buildings. Specialized in general statics, specializing in steel structures. Providing, among other things, supervision, inspections, acceptance of structures or visual testing of welds. Lecturer to senior welding personnel.

Lecture: Structural modeling of the prefab concrete truss type “SPP 12-18/6”

During my presentation, I will demonstrate the creation of a truss model using a specific example. I will cover various loading conditions, phases, and the assessment of key components in accordance with current European codes.

Ing. Jan Valíček

IDEA StatiCa Ltd.

Authorized engineer in the field of Structural Engineering and Dynamics of Buildings. Country manager of IDEA StatiCa and midas Civil for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supplier of software for design offices.

Lecture: Software tools for structural analysis & calculation of the existing structures

During my presentation, I will introduce the IDEA StatiCa and midas Civil programs, showcasing their features and providing practical examples of how they can be used in the design and reinforcement of existing structures in compliance with the current European codes.

Ing. Miroslava Kubíčková

Hrdlička Ltd.

Engineer in Geodesy and Cartography, specializing in methods of mass collection and processing of spatial data. She focuses on geodetic documentation of the actual state of objects using modern methods of UAV photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning in combination with classical geodetic methods of data collection, subsequent creation of 3D models and BIM.

Lecture: “sing modern geodetic methods of spatial documentation on industrial propertiesů”

I will describe the possibilities and limits of modern methods for collecting and processing 3D data and present examples of outputs.

Ing. Vladislav Bureš, Ph.D.

Head of Department, Technical University of Liberec

Structural engineer of reinforced concrete structures with many years of experience. Currently, he works as the head of the Department of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture of the Technical University of Liberec, specializing in concrete structures.

Lecture: “The concerns of reinforcing the prestressed trusses with steel pull rods.“

The lecture will deal with the issue of reinforcing prestressed roof trusses whose prestressed reinforcement is damaged by corrosion. The method of reinforcement was developed by the workers of Rada Building, s.r.o. The lecture is based on the experience with consultations and supervision of projects realized by Rada Building, s.r.o.

Doc. Ing. Jana Marková, Ph.D.

Klokner Institute - Czech Technical University

She is responsible for research on reliability and risks of building structures at the Klokner Institute of CTU. She is responsible for expert and expert activities, standard-setting activities at national and international level. She is the author or co-author of several national annexes to Eurocodes EN 1990 and EN 1991 series, several manuals for design and loading principles of new and existing structures.

Lecture: “Principles for assessing the reliability of existing structures“

The lecture will introduce the principles of analysis and reliability assessment of existing concrete structures – the pitfalls of assessing a structure based on previous satisfactory behaviour, test-based assessment, selection of reliability levels, updating of partial coefficients based on new knowledge of the structure.

Martin Kořínek

Rada Building Ltd.

Long-standing specialization in steel structures in the implementation phase of projects, realization of complete construction units, solution of material procurement, production, assembly of steel structures, solution of continuity of individual subcontracting processes.

Lecture: “Securing the Structure: A Practical Project Execution Example”

During the lecture, the system securing of the structure will be presented on a specific implementation. The whole issue is based on the basic principle and model: design documentation of the existing building – verification of the actual condition – assessment of the structure – design of the PV plant – assessment of the existing structure – design of reinforcement – implementation. So the answer is: From a structural point of view it can always be done. The only question is whether the cost of reinforcing the structure will be so high that the solution is not economic. If we do not assess the objects, we will not be able to say anything.

Petr Korčák


Technical Director of the company

Lecture: “Reducing the load on the roof structure by utilizing the PUR IZOLACE system”

Since the mid-1960s, SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) technology has existed for roof insulation. It offers a waterproofing solution and at the same time a very efficient thermal insulation with very low load on the structure. After more than 30 years of experience, PUR IZOLACE offers a functional system with a proven and relatively long service life. In my presentation I will focus on the history of the technology, the principle, describe the use for roof insulation, advantages and disadvantages, development and application possibilities.

Ing. Barbora Bartecká, Ph.D.

Rada Building Ltd.

Authorized engineer in the field of Structural Engineering and Dynamics of Buildings, specializing in steel and timber structures, building failures and reconstruction, building accidents.

Lecture: “Structural modeling of the prefab girder type RPP7-12″

The lecture will introduce the basic and most used type of girder, its loading, phases and comparison of serviceability according to current standards.

Ing. Petr Mynarčík, Ph.D.

Head of Department, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University Ostrava

Head of the Experimental and Diagnostic Building Centre, Faculty of Civil Engineering, VŠB – Technical University Ostrava. He deals with diagnostics and building technical surveys of reinforced concrete and steel structures. Specialist in building inspections in difficult access conditions. Technician of NDT testing in construction industry.

Lecture: “Assessing Roof Trusses – A Method for Evaluating Corrosion in Prestressed Reinforcement and the Overall Health of Load-Bearing Structures“

During the lecture, I will present experiences and results from diagnostic surveys of problematic switched roof trusses from the production program of ZIPP Bratislava, n.p. The presented information is based on more than 600 realized inspections of roof trusses in various scope of surveys across the Czech Republic.