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Structural integrity issues threaten
thousands of lives.

Types of dangerous structures:


Road, train &
pedestrian bridges.

Industrial halls

Manufacturing facilities
of all sizes, uses & industries.

Other buildings

Educational institutions,
shopping malls, showrooms etc.

The defective industrial halls built 50+ yrs ago pose a significant threat to:

88+ industrial facilities 23 000+ people 643 000+ m2 Industrial footprint

Map the of industrial facilites throughout the Czech republic

Ing. Jaroslav Cejnar
Rada Building Ltd.

The countrywide extent
of the issue requires a systematic solution.

Effective, systematic solution to structural collapses requires the essential cooperation of government, the expert community, and industrial property owners. This collaboration saves lives, protects industrial properties and eliminates stoppages.

Ministry of regional development

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1. 6. 2023
Conference: Dangerous Structures
Venue: Seminární centrum Akademie Ostrava, Czech republic
13. 10. 2022
Conference: Structural Collapses
Venue: Hotel Akademie Naháč, Chocerady, Czech republic

Expert Views on the Issue of Defective Industrial Halls:

The collapse of a truss occurs suddenly, primarily due to the breakage of pretensioned reinforcement caused by corrosion. The load-bearing capacity is often exceeded in conjunction with overloading of the trusses. Factors often contributing to this include leakage, water condensation in critical areas and inappropriate building modifications. The collapse is abrupt and lacks warning signs, potentially resulting in a chain reaction, involving the fall of multiple trusses.

Ing. Jaroslav HejlASK Projekt Ltd.

Based on repeated accidents, it is highly likely that the mentioned design flaw may not only occur in other trusses within the same structure but also potentially exists in trusses of the same type in different structures across the entire country. The repetition of structural collapses has shown that this is a recurring issue that demands a systematic solution.

Ing. Robert ŠpalekChairman of the Czech Chamber of Authorised Engineers and Technicians

An important risk factor to consider is that these industrial halls were designed and constructed during the period when the original ČSN codes were in effect. Given the possible extreme weather fluctuations in the present time, the influence of prolonged snowfall or strong winds on these overloaded structures can, in some cases, be fatal.

Ing. Michal Drahorád, Ph.D.Mott MacDonald CZ Ltd.

It is important to recognize that the assessment of such a structure must be comprehensive, considering both its current condition and its history – including factors such as fires, floods, the use of the facility, such as chemical production, various renovations, additional structural elements, and their connections, and so on.

Ing. Jaroslav CejnarRada Building Ltd.

The production of pretensioned trusses began about 60 years ago. Today, structural designs are typically aimed at a lifespan of 50 years. Their actual lifespan can be longer, provided that a more broad inspection of these structures, including a review of the loads, is carried out substantially beyond their 'designed' lifespan. In the case of these structures, we have a delay of approximately ten years."

Ing. Jaroslav HejlASK Projekt Ltd.

There is no need for a complete roof replacement, production shutdown lasting several months, or the construction of a new facility. Considering both economic and environmental factors, reinforcing the existing structure is a more favorable approach. With proper maintenance, it can safely continue to serve for many more decades.

Ing. Martin KořínekRada Building Ltd.

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