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July 1, 2023. Ostrava, Czech republic

Conference for Structural Engineers & Facility Owners:

Topic – Risky Roof Structures

with Prestressed Trusses.

In the Moravian-Silesian Region, there are over
of structures with hazardous roof structures containing prestressed trusses.

Dangerous structure can be made safe, existing structures can be reinforced to ensure security.

More information
Facility owners will receive information about their obligations and the potential for reinforcing structures. The aim is ensuring safety, asset value protection and reduction in risks for the owner.
Insightful information awaits for structural engineers and civil engineers, who are an integral part of the process. For building authorities, the conference will outline methodologies for a uniform approach in dealing with these dangerous structures, all in relation to the new European codes.
  • Owners planning investments in reducing energy consumption (insulation, photovoltaic installations), will be provided with information on all the necessary requirements.
  • Where the existing structure does not meet the requirements, a solution will be provided.
  • Building authorities, structural engineers, and designers will be presented with practical examples of specific projects.
Governmental Support

Endorsement from the Minister for Regional Development